Thursday, March 10, 2011

500 Fan Celebration We ARE UP TO 629!

YAY! The Wild Tangent is happy to announce that we have surpassed our 500 mark today! This is in large part do to all my wonderful fans sharing my page and to the tour bus put on by Karen Snyder's O. Sebastian a very talented chain maile artist.  1st only The Wild Tangent's Fans are allowed to enter.

So now we are gonna do a giveaway.  

I have had two wonderful businesses offer to sponsor this event. (this means they have donated an item for a prize free of charge) If you would like to sponsor there is still time.

The first is Danielle from Fine N Dandee.  Danielle has offered a pair of her beautiful angel wing earrings. I can not say enough good things about Danielle. I have continually been impressed by her commitment not only to her charity Mastiffs-4-Soldiers but to her fellow creators including starting up the group Crafter N Bead Exchange.

The second was donated by Kim at Karmic Kreations who has offered a single item from her Etsy store there are some lovely creations available.  While I have just started my friendship with Karmic Kreations I feel she is a good business woman and a talented jewelry artist.

So here is how this is going to work, to enter you have to visit my donors pages and check them out, like them, and say TWT sent you. Then after you have done this add a comment on here with your email to be entered into the giveaway. I will be checking to ensure only people who have checked out my donors pages can win because without their generosity this would not be much of a giveaway.  Also I will be leaving this open for one week so everyone has a chance to enter. :)

Also it would be great if you stopped by Mastiffs-4-Soldiers and checked out their auction going on now it is for a great cause!  You will also find one of my bracelets on their with a starting bid of just $5 and free shipping!

Prizes Available

Angel Wing Earrings By Fine N Dandee
Any 1 Item from Karmic Kreations 
Cherry Blossom Gift Basket (includes body wash, body spray, hand lotion, bath fizz, hand soap,  and body lotion)
Beautiful Stone Oil Burner
$25 Gift Certificate to The Wild Tangent
$15 Gift Certificate to The Wild Tangent 
A Bag of 22 yummy Milk Chocolate Godiva  Truffles

Please note if I find out you unliked any of these pages after I close the contest all prizes will be forfeit and you will be banned from future contests.  The whole purpose of giveaways for businesses is to gain more potential customers. We are all small businesses and all of us have been just as hard hit by the poor economy as you, we are wives and mothers trying to support ourselves and our families please respect that. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's In A Name...Naming Your Business

    Okay so you have probably noticed that my store/site name has nothing to do with jewelry. (In fact I'm not sure everyone even knows what a tangent is) When I came up with my name I didn't know about seo, keywords, or anything really. I chose the name because it fit me and because it offered me the flexibility to include some of my other crafts later on if I chose.  If I had done what I should have I would have researched the name, and then I would have found out that there is a well established video gaming site with the name "Wild Tangent". Then I could have changed it.

    Okay so you have thought up a name and you like it, now its time to share it with someone to see what they think.  The key to a great name is to have it be simple and self explanatory.  Then go to go daddy and see if there is a domain either a .com or .net that would be available for said name.  Why? What if after selling successfully through a store platform* you decide you want to branch out and do your own site. Or what if someone has the same name and sells something  completely unrelated to what your selling. This will cause you to show up lower on the search engines. (I am number 7 when you type in "the wild tangent" with the gaming sites above me)

    Once you have your name, use it.  You need to use the same name no matter where you list or what you do.Your website, store platform*, business cards, fan page, and anything else has to have the same name this is extremely important.  Why you ask? Simple if someone knows your shop on facebook as "Scrappers Delights" and they decide to go to your shop to look for something they had seen earlier,  if your store name is "Scrappy Scrapper" they wont find you. Then you just lost the sale.

Store Platform* = Sites that offer a store front for a person to sell their handcrafted items examples etsy, artfire, zibbet, made it myself, ect.

My Introduction

    So who am I? I am a 32 yr old woman with Fibromyalgia, 3 kids, and a wonderful hubby,  who has found the blissful world of making jewelry.  I have spent the last couple of years learning all I could about marketing and selling handcrafted items on the internet. I am always willing to share knowledge. I can find just about anything someone needs online. I like helping people, doing bead/craft item exchanges, giveaways, and showing my support to fellow crafters.

    I am very good at problem solving and have found a way to offer my jewelry at lower prices so everyone can afford it.  After being disabled for years and never being able to afford nice jewelry I wanted to offer mine at a price someone like me could afford. :) I also offer a 1 year warranty on my jewelry because Ive bought jewelry at a craft show and have it break a short time later. 

I have my own website, artfire store, and facebook fan page