Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Quick Rundown of FB new policies

Hey guys I thought since I myself have had issues with this that I would do a quick basic policy rules for everyone as the way facebook wrote it is in legalize.

Giveaway Rules & Page Rules
1. You must put a disclaimer in your rules stating that a. the giveaway/promotion is not in any way supported by/promoted by/ or affiliated in any way with facebook. (you also need this disclaimer in your personal policies as well.
2.  You must put a disclaimer in your rules & policies stating that all information gathered is for your businesses and sponsors use only and is not disclosed to facebook nor any other entity.
3. You can no longer announce winners on your walls. This is actually a violation of the new policy which states all winners/contestants ect have to be notified by email!! You can post a winners list in a photo slot but only after notifying people by email. While many businesses are still doing the wall announces it is a violation of facebook policy and a unhappy fan can get your page removed for it.
4. No you do not have to charge people to do a contest, Ive seen several companies say they have to charge to follow the rules and are calling them product testing but this is not the case as long as you follow the giveaway rules you will be fine.

Things I have learned in my 3 years with a page. You can take it or leave it but this is what I personally have learned either from books/courses or experience.

1. Always offer the best customer service possible. If your late sending a shipment notify the person. Most people are very understanding. ( I also throw in a 15% discount as well as a gift or a 50% off one item when I ship late.) Do not ever fail to ship a promised item that has been paid/won. If someone has a issue with their order try to resolve it. If you have a no return policy but offer exchanges/repairs then do so. I personally offer returns on inet orders due to the possibility the item isnt a fit or the color is off. Different monitors  make the colors appear slightly different. However if an item is defective always replace or refund it and be apologetic.

2. Leave religion off your page!! I can not say how many people I have seen loose their page over this one. Respect the fact that your customers are from a variety of backgrounds and as a business you need to be neutral. (It is fine on your personal page just not the business page) "unless yours is a religious charity and is stated so in your policy"
3. Do not go on your page bashing another business. It is okay if you to state who you have had past bad experiences with but do it like a business and only after you have exhausted other remedies. (Ie waiting a week after emailing instead of 3-4 isnt good) 90% of the businesses on fb are small businesses run by mothers. It is possible for someone to have a family emergency over a week-two week period that may prevent them from immediately answering your email give people the benefit of a doubt. DO NOT go on your page call a business nasty names or use harsh put downs. This makes you look bad to your customers not the other company. (I realize you will get support from those who are closer to you but to a new fan or a not close one it really does come across in poor taste)
   B. For example I new this one company who had tons of orders yet came on their page bashing another popular business, called the owner a b*tch ect. ect. two weeks later she had lost tons of fans and her orders were canceled.(On a side note that same business I had a dealing with I was going to order a custom item from them but was checking more then one business however even though she was cheaper her attitude completely put me off and I went with someone else. It wasnt her 7 week waiting list as I wasnt in a hurry but her I dont give a crap if you order from me attitude.) Her business is still suffering and it is 8 months later btw.

4. Sponsoring other giveways/donsting to causes is a great way to  gain more customers. I have used both paid advertising and sponsoring and I have gained more customers from sponsoring even though Ive gained more fans through advertising. (As we all know paying fans are the best :) in fact that is how I have met some fabulous customers and store owners) Look at it this what is the cost of the item? When doing paid advertising you are looking at close too $30 a month for the minimum. Also a sponsored item breeds good will as well.
5. If you make a mistake on an order ect. apologize and fix it. We are all human but a business who is not apologetic may not earn repeat business.

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