Thursday, December 27, 2012

What I Have Now That I didn't Have Before- HOPE

       I have found HOPE that someday I will have more good fibro days then bad. 
     My new found hope is my wii fit. I have been trying to use it as often as possible. My goal is to do it daily but a severe case of bronchitis has made that impossible. I have used it at least 5 days of each of the prior two weeks.
      I started with simple basic rhythm kung fu. (My son swears its not real kung fu because I am not attacking anyone)  For me it is perfect as it mostly focuses on upper body and the movements are low impact it burns calories and helps my balance.  I began with a large 60% left side 40% right on the balance test.  This did not really surprise me because I know that since my right leg is often up to 5cm shorter then my left I tend to place way more weight on my left leg.  Unfortunately doing this has not only worsened my bodies misalignment but has also caused damage to my left hip, knee, and ankle. I  think it may be improving my nerve signals to my legs as well.  When I began it seemed like there was a far longer delay when I told my legs to lift then I have now.
      What I do is I first log on to my wii fit character and do the weight and balance test. In the future I will probably use more of the awesome stuff available but for now I do my weight, bmi, and balance and then move onto Rythm Kung Fu.  It is a simple activity that takes 3 minutes.  I started by doing two sessions so a total of six minutes.  I have worked my way up to 15 minutes over the last two weeks. That is five sessions of 3 minutes of kung fu. I take a small break in between each to drink water and stretch my back. (Ive been out of my muscle relaxers so back spasms have been a daily issue) I have felt the improvement to my movements. Am I still in pain YES but I can move easier and more importantly I can do things without hurting myself.  I do exactly as much as my body tells me I can do. If I start spasming up to much are get to winded I stop, because as long as I do it even if all I can do is 3 minutes then I am making steps toward my goal.

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